Providing you with Apprenticeships that are flexible to suit your growing business.

Our inspirational team works closely with customers and apprentices to understand and deliver a responsive programme that meets our stakeholders’ needs.

Through our approach we are dedicated to enhancing the skill sets within our customers’ businesses and transforming the lives of our apprentices.

Blue Sky Assessing & Consultancy is a flexible training provider of Apprenticeships, based in East Anglia, delivering across England, in occupational areas including Business Administration, Customer Service, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales, Travel, Human Resources, Team Leading, and Management.

Our team, working to inspire aspirations.

Your flexible training provider of Apprenticeships.

We will inspire aspirations by delivering a range of stakeholder- influenced learning and development solutions.

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Our Apprenticeships focus on Business Administration, Customer Service, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales, Team Leading, Management, HR and Functional Skills.


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Here at Blue Sky we believe in continuous improvement and development. Our values drive the core of the business inspiring aspirations of future talent. We are experts in our field, using creative training sessions for future employees or to up-skill existing staff to help your business flourish in a changing economy. We will work with you to find effective business solutions by supporting your company and taking an individual approach to your business needs. Blue Sky takes the time to understand your own training requirements and succession planning, delivering knowledge and skills which embed your own company behaviours.

We wish to support the businesses we are in partnership with. We are not restricted by set intake dates, and are flexible in our working to meet your needs for a great learning experience.

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Do you need bespoke learning solutions for your business?

Blue Sky offers a full suite of Learning & Development solutions which are standalone interventions, or can be woven into the fabric of an apprenticeship programme.

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How do Apprenticeships work?

Our inspirational team works closely with customers to understand and deliver a responsive programme that meets our stakeholders' needs.

Improving Your Business

How does Apprenticeship Funding work?

Through our approach we are dedicated to enhancing the skill sets within our customers businesses and transforming the lives of our apprentices.

Apprenticeship Funding

Apprentice Testimonials


I have recently completed my BA Level 2 and I want to thank Sharon Page for her constant support and giving me the confidence that I needed. I learnt a lot of background in business admin procedures and I do not think I would have been able to complete the course to the high standard that I did if it was not for Sharon, my work experience background was retail so doing a business administration apprenticeship was daunting but I am so glad I have done it as it gave me the required skills and knowledge to be able to carry on in my job role which I love. I very much enjoyed the whole experience and I am also looking forward to starting my BA L3 in the next few weeks.


Being an apprentice with Blue Sky at Scarlett & Mustard was exhilarating and enjoyable, oh and yummy! Learning new things every day with the help of the team in Earl Soham means that I was able to complete my apprenticeship work with no trouble at all. I tried a year at university and was unsuccessful so taking on the apprenticeship is one of the best things I have ever done. I have learnt more in one year of working at Scarlett & Mustard than I feel like I have in my whole life! The advice I would give to young people about apprenticeships would be to go for it, it’s an amazing way to progress through your career.

Smartest Energy

I was a little sceptical about starting an apprenticeship, mainly as I had always thought that NVQ’s didn’t really count for much, and that anybody could get one. I could not have been more wrong if I tried! It is hard work and you do need to commit yourself properly to it as sometimes the workload can seem daunting, but the fantastic support and guidance you receive from your Blue Sky NVQ Assessors is inspiring. Never has learning been more fun; I’m constantly thinking of how my day-to-day work activities can feed in to completing my NVQ and at the same time I’m thinking of how to do my job better with what I’ve learnt from the course. It’s also great to be able to convert what I think as an everyday process into something tangible such as an NVQ.

Smartest Energy

As a very career driven individual, it was a no brainer. I am able to continue my normal full time work, whilst earning a worthwhile and more importantly, lifelong qualification. Although I was able to receive training at work, the apprenticeship offers a nationally recognised qualification, something to be put on your CV and be proud of. If you are lucky enough to be given the chance to start an apprenticeship, I cannot see any logical reason not to! It’s interesting, challenging and achievable.