Ali’s Apprenticeship Journey

My name is Ali Calvert and I have recently completed my Level 5 HR Consultant/ Partner apprenticeship. 


        What does your role involve? 

My role involves providing advice and support to managers on employee relations issues, casework management, HR project work, policy development, etc.


        What was the apprenticeship process like? 

The process was challenging at times, partly due to how busy work was. However, having set times during the week where I worked from home to focus on my studies and the apprenticeship was really beneficial. I would recommend all learners do this if they can. Once I was undertaking the qualification, I was easily able to fill my off the job training hours with studying and writing my assignments. 


        What is the best thing you’ve learnt? 

The best thing I have learnt is that I have the ability to complete a qualification as a very mature student!! I was always doubtful about my capability when it came to academic qualifications, and I’ve conquered that.


        What are you most proud about? 

I’m most proud about completing the qualification with no referrals on any of my assignments. I’m also proud about using everything I had learned over the past 18 months to land a new job as an HR Manager at another organisation!


        What would your advice be for those considering an apprenticeship? 

It’s a great way to gain a qualification on the job, as some people learn more easily that way and it fits with their lifestyle.

Make sure your employer at 100% on board the apprenticeship and are willing to put in the time and effort to support your learning. Not just by giving you the 20% of time to learn, but encouraging learning opportunities within the workplace. Also ask for opportunities to get involved in things you haven’t had exposure to. The time really flew too, so don’t be put off by the programme length, it’s the right amount of time to really learn the subject.


        What are your next learning steps? 

My next steps are learning my new job, as this will be a whole new set of procedures, processes and ways of working.


The support that Blue Sky provided was fantastic, with regular group meetings which were really well structured, as well as regular calls with Kate. Kate was always available to speak or respond to emails if I got particularly stuck or had any issues, and was so helpful with the whole process.



Published 17/07/2020 & Filed in Blue Sky Blog