Alison’s HR Apprenticeship Journey

My name is Alison, I work as an HR Adviser at Norfolk County Council and I have just completed my Level 5 HR Consultant/Partner Apprenticeship.


        What does your role involve?

In my current role, I manage and deliver a caseload of HR consultancy covering all employee relations policies. I provide advice, guidance and interpretation of policy to support managers to identify and address people management issues. I advise, coach and guide managers to deal with people management issues within Council policies and procedures to achieve an appropriate outcome.  


        What was the apprenticeship process like?

The whole process was well structured and I felt totally supported throughout. Very clear targets & milestones where set throughout the programme, which ensured I kept on track and I didn’t slip behind schedule.


        What is the best thing you’ve learnt?

I have loved my time completing my apprenticeship. The programme was delivered well and I particularly enjoyed the quarterly cohort meetings and the CIPD modules. These were excellent and gave me a great insight into all aspects of HR. I had great support from Jane & Kate throughout the whole programme. I have developed as a HR Professional and have gained a wider understanding of HR which I will use in my role as an HR Adviser.


        What are you most proud about?

Firstly, passing my apprenticeship – I feel it’s a huge achievement. I’m also proud of being able to continue my apprenticeship through a global health pandemic, whilst adapting to working from home. I changed jobs part way through so I am looking forward to putting my learning into practice in my HR Adviser role.


        What would your advice be for those considering an apprenticeship?

Definitely do it !

I would fully recommend the apprenticeship programme. It’s a great way to learn alongside your normal day to day job. You do need to be self-motivated but you have the full support from Blue Sky throughout, who will be there for you whenever you need it.


        What are your next learning steps?

My next step is to use my learning and establishment myself in my HR Adviser role.


I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Blue Sky, particularly Jane and Kate, who supported me throughout my apprenticeship programme. They were there when I needed their support or had any issues. Regular contact with Kate was invaluable, particularly towards the end. Kate’s support made a huge difference to me and was very much appreciated.

I wish everyone at Blue Sky and all learners the very best for the future.


Norfolk County Council

Published 11/12/2020 & Filed in Blue Sky Blog