Ami’s Apprenticeship Journey

I started my Level 4 NVQ in Business Administration in September 2016. Since starting at the QEH 5 years ago as an apprentice, I have completed my Business Administration Level 2 and 3 and I felt completing the Level 4 was the next step for me. I enjoy working on NVQ’s as they give me an opportunity to work as well as learn. This is one of the reasons why I didn’t go to university, and doing NVQ’s means I am able to work and learn and it works really well for me.

During my time completing my NVQ, I was successful in being offered a secondment opportunity as a Risk and Governance Manager which I was delighted about. This role was a role I aspired to be in the future, and I feel that my confidence and skills learnt from completing my NVQ has contributed to this opportunity. I am still in this secondment role, and when it is advertised in the near future, I will be applying and hope that the knowledge and skills I have learnt will give me a good chance.

I was worried about the presentation part of the NVQ as I have always been a nervous speaker; however I felt it went well, and since then I have had to present data at monthly meeting in front of managers, clinical and senior consultants. My confidence in myself is growing every time I have to do this.

I have encouraged my team I work with to complete NVQ’s as I believe they are the best way to learn whilst working full time and they are enjoyable. I had a very supportive tutor and would like to think that my next step would be to complete the Level 5 and 6.

          Ami – Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Published 28/09/2018 & Filed in Blue Sky Blog


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