Development Solutions

Blue Sky can offer consultation or interventions in all aspects of the talent management cycle:-

Workforce Planning

Do you need to identify where any skills gaps are based on business need/strategy?

Programme Design
Can we help you locate/build/implement suitable programmes to bridge any gaps from the work above, such as apprenticeships, grad programmes, or developing existing talent such as leaders? Within this, we source appropriate qualifications or build a bespoke programme that provides demonstration of growth against skills and behaviours.

Can we support you by designing/implementing an appropriate on-boarding (induction) programme to bring to life the company vision, values and behaviours in an interactive setting?

Performance Management
Can we help you design/implement/refine a performance management programme to assist the measurement of skills and competence against the business strategy?

Training & Performance Support
Do you need support in designing/implementing training interventions based on role need, by developing a competency matrix for each role?

Critical Skills Gap Analysis
Do you have problems with implementing a process aligned to competency ensuring skills needs are measured?

Succession Planning
Can we help you implement a succession planning model to examine retirees against head-count need?