Improving Your Business

An Apprenticeship is a fantastic way to start a new employee into your business, or up-skill your existing staff. This enables them to learn new skills on the job and achieve a nationally recognised qualification, as well as substantial and sustained training allowing the development of transferable skills.

As an employer, you can expect your employees to develop their knowledge and competence in order for them to become skilled in the job role – but this is all down to them; an apprenticeship will challenge and inspire your employees to demonstrate their learning.

Employing an Apprentice

  • Apprentices must be 16 or over to complete an Apprenticeship programme, there is no maximum age!
  • Apprentices must work a minimum of 30 hours a week.
  • Apprentices are entitled to a minimum wage of £4.81 per hour. (as of April 2022)

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