Central England Co-operative

Why did you choose Blue Sky as a training provider?

“I searched the gov.uk site for a provider for the apprenticeship I wanted a colleague to complete. I spoke to Jane and one other provider. Jane was so passionate and proud about apprenticeships, I decided to choose Blue Sky. I am glad I did.”

What do you particularly enjoy about working with the Blue Sky team?

“The Blue Sky team have been supportive. They always provided monthly reports on time, and they were always on hand to help, provide support and answer any questions or queries.”

How are apprenticeships improving your business?

“We have noticed that our apprentices are learning and enhancing other learners’ experiences. They are empowering other colleagues. Our apprentices are passionate and are showing what they have learnt in their behaviours. It is great and very rewarding to see.”

How have you seen your employee(s) change/ progress whilst completing their apprenticeship?

“Their attitude and behaviour has made a really positive impact on the colleagues around them and for the business.”

What are you most proud about?

“I am most proud about the determination and success of my apprentice. She has shown that through very surreal times she has been able to complete her apprenticeship, work and balance her home life.”

What would your advice be to an employer who was considering taking on an apprentice but were still undecided?

“The right person will bring so much to your organisation. They will be passionate and committed to succeed.”

“Jane and Mel have been really supportive and one of the best apprenticeship providers I have worked with in the three years I have been dealing with apprenticeships. What makes them one of the best, for me, is:

  • They know their stuff and their passion shines through. 
  • They work well as a team.
  • They provide you with up to date information about your learners.
  • They are on hand to answer any questions.
  • They are approachable.”

Andrea O’Brien – Learning & Development Facilitator, Central England Co-operative