Chloe’s Travel Apprenticeship Journey

My name is Chloe. I work for Midcounties Co-operative and I have just completed the Level 3 Travel Consultant Apprenticeship. 


        What does your role involve?

My role involves finding the perfect holiday for our customers. This involves matching their holiday to their wants/ needs and helping to make a dream come true. We sort out all of our customers’ tickets and even help with changing their currency too!


        What was the apprenticeship process like?

I found the process very interesting. Anything new that I learnt I would load onto VQ Manager as off the job training, and given the current pandemic, I was learning a lot! Covid made it very difficult to keep motivated, especially as I was working from home, but Jane made sure I had all of the support that I needed and was so helpful. 


        What is the best thing you’ve learnt?

The best thing I have learnt is to have confidence in myself. I doubt myself quite often, even with the EPA and to pass with a merit, it means I obviously did a good job. I also learnt that travel is definitely the right career for me! 


        What are you most proud about?

I am most proud about completing the apprenticeship. I’ve tried to complete NVQ’s in other job roles but because I didn’t enjoy the job, I never completed them. At least I can now say that I completed it and it’s something that is going to go in my favour. Considering I thought I had got it all completely wrong, I am so proud that I managed to pass with the result that I got! 


        What would your advice be for those considering an apprenticeship?

My advice for anyone considering an apprenticeship would be go for it and believe in yourself. 


        What are your next learning steps?

The next learning steps for me will be to complete more training that will enable me to move up the ladder and progress in my current role. 


Thank you to Jane and everyone at Blue Sky for all of the support you have given me. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself! 


Midcounties Co-operative

Published 27/11/2020 & Filed in Blue Sky Blog