Claire’s Apprenticeship Journey

When I began my apprenticeship, I was undoubtedly shy. My confidence levels were non-existent and I didn’t know the first thing about having a job. At first I struggled to fit in, not because I wasn’t liked, more because I wouldn’t say more than a couple of words to anyone. And although at first I found it difficult and wanted to give up, I’m glad I didn’t because I never knew how much this could change me as an individual. I started my apprenticeship, hoping it would help me to progress within my career, but little did I know that in fact it would help me to progress as a person.

My tutors taught me key skills like communication, professionalism, procedures and functions within a business, but most of all taught me how to be confident. Answering queries doesn’t seem so daunting anymore, and I don’t get nervous answering a simple call. I feel professional in my job, and like I am a valued and a much needed part of the team. My knowledge has grown and now I am teaching others that knowledge. My responsibilities are widening and I successfully went from an apprentice to a fully-fledged band 3. Now with those successes I am progressing further by discussing career opportunities as a band 4. I hope to soon use the skills and qualifications I am building to make the most of the opportunities that are made available to me.

Claire – Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Published 31/08/2018 & Filed in Blue Sky Blog


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