Emily’s Apprenticeship Journey

My Apprenticeship studying Business Admin Level 2 has been a success and a great learning experience. I went into my Apprenticeship with the hope of finding a full time job and to learn some new skills. I have been lucky enough to become one of the Ward Clerks on MAU and have a new qualification with a variety of skills included. After my Apprenticeship, I became a Locum Ward Clerk and had great opportunities working on all the wards. I am happy I have had the opportunity but unfortunately, they had to remove the locums from my area. I am now happy where I am and love working as a team. The skills I learnt include archiving documents, communication skills, time management skills and to be able to work well in a team.

I would love to progress in my role, even taking the next step and completing a Business Admin Level 3 qualification whilst in my job role. I believe I am progressing in my role and learning new skills every day. I never thought I would have the knowledge of how the hospital works, such as the administration side and the clinical side.

I feel proud I have gained confidence talking to the public and never thought I would be able to be as confident in my job role as I am today. Now I can say I answer the phone multiple times a day and talk to patient relatives every day. Knowing how to talk to different people is a good skill to have especially working on MAU.  I feel grateful I have learnt archiving skills as they became useful when a doctor wanted to look at some old information for a patient. I could then pass on these skills of retrieving information to one of my colleagues. This is a great help for my ward.

I feel this Apprenticeship has helped me develop as a person, not only in my confidence and skills, but has helped me figure out what I want to do in my future, within the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

            Emily – Queen Elizabeth Hospital





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