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Below are testimonials from some of the fantastic employers we work with. Take a look at their apprenticeship training experiences!

At Blue Sky, we:

  • Are not restricted by set intake dates
  • Are flexible in our working
  • Understand your training requirements
  • Use creative training sessions
  • Embed your company behaviours into learning
How does Apprenticeship Funding work?
Find out more about how apprenticeships are funded and the contribution requirements
Apprenticeship Funding
How do Apprenticeships work?
Our inspirational team works closely with customers to understand and deliver a responsive programme that meets our stakeholders' needs
Apprenticeship Process
Do you need bespoke learning solutions for your business?
Blue Sky offers a full suite of L&D solutions which are standalone interventions, or can be woven into the fabric of an apprenticeship programme
Development Solutions


Here at Blue Sky we believe in continuous improvement and development. Our values drive the core of the business inspiring aspirations of future talent. We are experts in our field, using creative training sessions for future employees or to up-skill existing staff to help your business flourish in a changing economy. We will work with you to find effective business solutions by supporting your company and taking an individual approach to your business needs. Blue Sky takes the time to understand your own training requirements and succession planning, delivering knowledge and skills which embed your own company behaviours.

We wish to support the businesses we are in partnership with. We are not restricted by set intake dates, and are flexible in our working to meet your needs for a great learning experience.

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