Apprenticeship Funding

Your annual payroll bill will determine how much you, as an employer, are required to contribute towards Apprenticeship training costs or if you can receive funding.

Payroll over £3 million? 

If you have a payroll bill of over £3 million, you will have to fund the Apprenticeship training costs by contributing to the Apprenticeship Levy. You can manage your funds and connect with Blue Sky directly through the .Gov Digital Apprenticeship Service!

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To set up your Digital Apprenticeship Service account, click here.

After setting up an account, the amount of Levy funding entering your account can be calculated. This is calculated by the Levy you declare to HMRC through PAYE, multiplied by the proportion of your pay bill paid to your workforce who live in England, plus a 10% government top-up on this amount.

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For guidance on how to use the Digital Apprenticeship Service, click here.

The system allows you to add any apprentices that have been signed up to complete an apprenticeship programme, and connect to the training provider, to manage the funding.

The total training cost depends on the apprenticeship funding band, and any prior experience the apprentice has in relation to the programme. The negotiated figure is divided by the number of months the apprentice is planned to be on programme. This amount is deducted from your Digital Apprenticeship Service account each month.

As a Levy-paying employer, you can transfer any unused Levy funds to other Levy and Non-Levy employers. You can transfer a maximum amount of 25% of your annual funds. You can make transfers from your Digital Apprenticeship Service account to as many employers as you choose.

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Payroll under £3 million? 

If you have a payroll bill of under £3 million, you will have to contribute 5% of the Apprenticeship training costs, while the Government pays the remaining 95%.


Less than 50 employees, apprentice aged 16-18 and payroll under £3 million? 
Fully Funded

If you have less than 50 employees and, your Apprentice is aged 16-18, as well as having a payroll of under £3 million, the Government will pay 100% of the Apprenticeship training costs.