Why did you choose Blue Sky as a training provider?

“As part of a development programme we needed a training provider who could deliver accredited standards, understand our business, and have energy. Blue Sky have all the above.”

What do you particularly enjoy about working with the Blue Sky team?

“That the sessions challenge the thinking of our learners and ask them to question themselves and our business more.”

How are apprenticeships improving your business?

“We have had apprenticeship pipelines for a while and they are crucial to underpin the change in our business, as the standards deliver a focus on competence and skill which we haven’t had before.”

How have you seen your employee(s) change/ progress whilst completing their apprenticeship?

“We have seen our learners understand how theory can be applied to their everyday roles, therefore making links between our strategy, and our day to day operations.”

What are you most proud about?

“Seeing learners challenge based on something they have learned and applied. I love to see people challenge back on the status quo and able to demonstrate improvements.”

What would your advice be to an employer who was considering taking on an apprentice but were still undecided?

“Why haven’t you already?!”


Ant Perfect – Group Talent & Learning Director, Fraikin Ltd