Functional Skills

It is a requirement for apprentices to acquire Maths and English qualifications. If you do not hold an approved exemption, we will work with you to complete Functional Skills Maths and/or English alongside your apprenticeship programme.

Please find below links for Functional Skills practice tests. Your Assessor/Development Advisor will have discussed these with you, however if you have any queries, please contact us. 

Tips for completing practice tests:

  • Make sure you are in a quiet space while completing your test, away from distractions
  • Keep an eye on the time
  • If you are unsure of an answer, flag it and revisit it later
  • Make a note of any topics you are unsure of
  • Be honest to yourself
Maths L2 Practice Tests

The real Maths Functional Skills test will be electronic-based. To experience what the software is like, please complete the test above. Please download the file, unzip the folder, scroll right to the bottom and select the start icon to complete the test. It will time you automatically and you will have the use of a calculator. Once completed, please return to us for feedback. 

Above is a paper-based practice test. This test is divided into two sections; non-calculator and calculator. Please set yourself a timer for 25 mins for the calculator test and 1 hr 30 mins for the non-calculator test. Once completed, please return to us for feedback.