Kerry’s Apprenticeship Journey

As someone who has not studied since leaving college (which was 20 years ago!) I was very apprehensive to go back to studying, even though I was the one who put myself forward for it! The first couple of months were really hard. I had completely forgotten how to write assignments and if I’m honest I nearly threw in the towel. With the help from Jane at Blue Sky, the encouragement I received from the other ladies on my course, work colleagues, family and friends I stuck with it. Jane has been very supportive; she would encourage me to do a little bit at a time in order to keep me focused.

From starting the apprenticeship I have learnt studying isn’t as hard as I thought it was. Once those first few months were out of the way, I got into a routine and I made a few small changes to my family life, it just became a normal part of life.

I have learnt how to create and present a presentation, which would have petrified me before. My organisation skills have improved as have my problem solving techniques. I now know what professional development I need to do and that I can study as well as having a busy life, without it having too much impact on my family life.

Whilst completing my NVQ I applied for a secondment which I am currently working in. I am using a lot of the skills that I gained from studying in my current role. As this is a pilot scheme my role is constantly changing. I often come up with new ideas how to make the service better, as there is a lot of teething problems. I look at ways to overcome these problems using many of the problem solving techniques I have gained.

I feel that the NVQ Level 4 in Business Administration has given me the confidence to further my career in the NHS and I am even considering carrying on with my studying.

            Kerry – Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Published 24/08/2018 & Filed in Blue Sky Blog


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