Michelle’s Apprenticeship Journey

I began my Level 3 in Business Administration after completing my level 2 the previous year.  I was a little apprehensive to begin with as I was told that more commitment in hours was needed compared to the previous apprenticeship and being a full-time working mum, I was conscious of this extra work affecting both work and home life.  The support I received from Blue Sky was great, both Sharon and Jane worked with me and supported me in completing the units and provided me with detailed feedback after completion of each unit with clear guidelines of what was expected for the forthcoming units.  Choosing my units was done carefully, making sure I could complete them within my job role with a few of them chosen to purposely push me out of my comfort zone and help me learn new skills.  Whilst you do have to commit to the training and be disciplined, this was done relatively easily for me as a lot of the unit work was completed whilst I was at work and being observed by my assessor.

Completing my Functional Skills in Maths was very daunting as this is a subject I am not fond of!  Again, the support that Jane provided me with and the extra time spent with me going through mock tests and practice questions really helped me gain confidence and I went on to pass my level 2 Maths.

Blue Sky really do care about each individual learner and work hard with each one to help you gain further knowledge and understanding of your role whilst learning and developing through completing the apprenticeship.  Whilst completing my level 3 I received a promotion at work and was able to transfer the skills I learnt over to this new role.


              Michelle  – Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Published 07/09/2018 & Filed in Blue Sky Blog


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