Motorfinity Motivation – The Apprentices’ Experience

Over the last few months, Motorfinity has been advocating the benefits of embarking on apprenticeships. Here, Jordan and Oliver talk about their experience as the first 2 Motorfinity apprentices on the scheme.

What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

The idea of workplace training really appealed to us. We feel that being in the mix with hands-on experience to put new skills into practice is the best pathway for us. As school leavers, we are happy to be earning some money while we learn rather than worrying about tuition fees or student loans – particularly in Covid times. On top of our pay, we are entitled to holiday leave plus bank holidays, and a ‘Birthday Day’ courtesy of Motorfinity), receive student discounts in stores and on public transport, and our Company is ultra-generous with a range of ‘perks’.

What were your first impressions of Motorfinity?

Cool! There is an amazing family vibe with everyone more than happy to help and pull together to support each other. If we are confused or have any questions, there is always someone ready to help. It’s very team-orientated and upbeat. Team Motorfinity are our second family!

So, what can you tell us about your apprenticeship?

We are both doing the Sales and Marketing Level 4 qualification. We are mentored by our Team Leaders to learn basic administration tasks, pursue our own research, and complete assignments. We must complete assignments over the course of 18 months whilst uploading evidence of what we are getting up to 😊

We have now experienced all aspects of the process from taking enquiries through to overseeing deliveries of brand-new cars for our customers. Having done this, we have now moved into the sales team helping our customers find the best deal available to suit their needs.

What do you like most about the Motorfinity ethos?

We’re finding it very rewarding in terms of job satisfaction: Working for a company who have a specialist customer base, there is a great feeling of giving something back. The Motorfinity Family is all about giving the best service possible to those who are serving our nation 24/7. Motorfinity makes it easy for us to love what we do!

Director Jane Bloomfield comments on Blue Sky’s working relationships with Motorfinity UK in delivering successful workplace training for young apprentices. 

“Blue Sky have been delivering apprenticeships for over 10 years and we love what we do so we are delighted that the popularity of Apprenticeship Standards has increased considerably over recent years. Employers have realised the value of training apprentices ‘on the job’ in a diverse range of job roles. We are proud of the successes of our apprentices and the support we provide to them.

“The Blue Sky team works closely with employers and apprentices to understand and deliver a responsive and individualised programme that meets their needs. We had many discussions with Dean prior to Oliver and Jordan starting their apprenticeship as it is important to Blue Sky that the Employer, Apprentices, and Blue Sky work collaboratively to achieve identified objectives.

“Motorfinity’ s commitment to their apprentices has meant that Oliver and Jordan have received clear direction, ongoing support, and opportunities to progress throughout their programme. Dean has worked closely with Blue Sky to ensure that the two new employees have had every opportunity to succeed. This occupational activity has increased Oliver and Jordan’s confidence, skills and knowledge and empowered them to take on new responsibilities and at the same time become valued team members.

“Regular contact with Dean, Jordan and Oliver has been invaluable and it has been a pleasure working with enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are committed to developing and progressing in their role. They are learning new skills, enjoying new experiences, and gaining knowledge in their field. We have been pleased to be a key part of their development journey as they work towards their End Point Assessment with us.”

Dean Skiba is Motorfinity’ s Chief Operating Officer, and a firm advocate of the scheme.

Dean states, “Initially, we were quite nervous about the scheme but wanted to do anything we could to give back to our community. Our nerves were unfounded as both Oliver and Jordan are exceptional. They have embraced the whole ethos of the Company and become an integral part of our team. Going forward, we want to further progress the Apprenticeship Scheme and provide more opportunities for young people to join us under the scheme.”

Earlier this year, Blue Sky celebrated their 10th Anniversary inspiring aspirations

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