Norfolk Community Health & Care

“At Norfolk Community Health and Care, apprenticeships are allowing us to grow and develop the skilled workforce of the future. They are also a great form of continual professional development for existing staff. This is where Blue Sky has come in to allow the trust to offer a great learning opportunity for staff members who are keen to progress in the organisation. We have recently had one of our apprentices complete their Level 3 HR apprenticeship with Blue Sky. They found Blue Sky very supportive and appreciated the chance to meet with other apprentices in different organisations in the quarterly catch ups Blue Sky arranged. It was wonderful to see how the learning enabled our apprentice to answer HR queries confidently which supported the wider team. Two of our staff members have recently started a Level 5 HR apprenticeship and we are excited to see them thrive with Blue Sky’s support! We have also worked with Blue Sky to provide other frameworks including Business Admin (L2/L3), Customer Service (L2/L3), IT Software (L2) and Leadership & Management (L2-L5). Delivery has been great and we have had many great success stories to be proud of at NCH&C.”

Ellen Fauré – Career Development Facilitator, Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust