If you have just commenced your Apprenticeship programme with us, we’d like to give you a huge welcome! There are two online accounts you will need to have access to throughout your programme:- BKSB and VQ Manager. Your login details will have been emailed to you by our admin department.


BKSB is your online functional skills account. This is used in the induction stage to complete Maths, English and ICT initial assessments. These allow us to identify which level you are working at and enable us to support you throughout your programme.

If you have achieved these qualifications prior to starting your Apprenticeship, you may be exempt from the exams; your assessor will discuss this with you. If you are not exempt, we will work with you to achieve functional skills at either level 1 or level 2, alongside your Apprenticeship.

To access your BKSB account, please click on the logo above and enter your login details to begin the assessments.

Your account is live for the whole length of your programme, so you can visit this again at any time, to learn at your own pace.


VQ Manager is your online portfolio. This is used throughout your programme for uploading your Apprenticeship evidence and allows your assessor to feedback on your work. This will be discussed at your Apprenticeship induction, and login details will be emailed to you by our admin department.

To access your VQ Manager online portfolio, please click on the logo above and enter your login details.