Blue Sky Assessing & Consultancy Ltd have a deep commitment to Safeguarding and Prevent. We place the learners at the centre of our approach. Personal safety is fundamental for effective and successful learning. Safety can only be felt in a safer learning environment that promotes wellbeing and security for all learners. We provide a safe and supportive learning environment and ensure that our employers take H&S, wellbeing and safeguarding seriously throughout the apprenticeship process.

We promote a safe culture throughout the organisation by clearly identifying and communicating safeguarding roles and responsibilities, having clear safeguarding procedures in place and training all staff in those safeguarding procedures. 

Lou Bradford
Lead Designated Safeguarding Officer
Jane Bloomfield
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

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Blue Sky follow the 6 R’s: Recruit, Recognise, Record, Report, Respond and Review.

Blue Sky Assessing & Consultancy Ltd is committed to ensuring that staff are recruited to the organisation in line with current legislative guidance relating to the safeguarding and protection of children and vulnerable adults. A Safer Recruitment policy is in place. 

All suitable applicants are interviewed and safer recruitment is incorporated into the process through questions relating to safeguarding and child protection.

Pre-employment checks are carried out before a member of staff can start working with Blue Sky. Along with a number of checks, staff that have contact with learners will have a new and up to date DBS check. 

A zero tolerance approach is taken to any form of abuse or harm. All staff are trained in Safeguarding which includes recognising the signs of abuse, such as: 

  • Harm, such as Bullying
  • Abuse, such as Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse and Sexual Abuse
  • Neglect

Regular updates of current trends and patterns are provided to all staff. 

Blue Sky have processes in place to record any safeguarding and wellbeing concerns. Only staff who need to be informed about these issues will be told. 

Blue Sky staff respond sensitively to all concerns. Any learner and staff concerns are treated with the welfare of the individual being paramount. 

Blue Sky have reporting procedures in place. The Lead and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officers have links with the appropriate authorities so when appropriate, we can direct our concerns to the relevant authorities that can address them. 

Blue Sky’s Safeguarding & Prevent policy is reviewed annually. The Safeguarding Officers regularly meet to review any concerns and discuss any learning areas. The Lead Designated Safeguarding Officer keeps the team up to date with current trends. 


I’m a Learner:

As a learner, you will learn about safeguarding and be provided with up to date, relevant information on a monthly basis to allow you to understand the relevance of safeguarding in both your work and personal life. We also embed British Values into your learning. Your Development Advisor is trained in recognising safeguarding issues and can raise a concern on your behalf. We know talking to someone about safeguarding concerns may be difficult, however we provide a listening ear and take concerns very seriously. 

British Values
British Values include: Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Democracy, and Tolerance


I’m an Employer: 

As an employer, you have a responsibility to safeguard your learners. If you do not have a Safeguarding Policy or someone in your business that is responsible for safeguarding, we will support you to apply our policy or to create and embed your own if required.