Sarah’s Apprenticeship Journey

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Blue Sky, so much so that I completed three individual courses with them! I have completed Business Admin L2 & L3 and L2 Marketing. I do not have a favourite as all of them contained different aspects which I have enjoyed learning and using in my own job tasks, but all of them were taught to me in a way that was easy to understand. All the support available as and when I needed; Jane was always at the end of my emails straight away as and when I needed help with a question or two. She always made it just that bit clearer for me to understand and answer!

I appreciate the support I have received from both Blue Sky and my workplace. Everyone would show how proud they are when a course is completed, or when a piece of work was handed in that was well written. It just gave you that feel good boost needed to keep going!

All three of my certificates hang proudly on the wall in my living room, and I am so glad that I chose Blue Sky to do these courses with as they helped me achieve all that I have and at the best that I could!

I use my knowledge gained from my courses to help me within my own work tasks and my colleagues too. I am always passing on tips and ideas that I learned from the Marketing day that I attended, helping others see how big of an influence social media can have when gaining more potential customers, and how to get the most out of social media!

Overall my time with Blue Sky has been successful and a great adventure of learning! I will take on all I have learned with me into the future and continue to use it for my own development.”

Thank you Blue Sky Team!

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Published 15/03/2019 & Filed in Blue Sky Blog


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