Our team, working to inspire aspirations.

Jane is the Director of Blue Sky Assessing & Consultancy Limited and goes above and beyond ‘meeting needs’. Jane oversees the strategic and operational elements of the business and leads a great team of staff. Jane enjoys spending precious time with her friends and when she isn’t too busy, is climbing mountains! Jane recently completed an amazing trek to Machu Picchu in Peru, South America!
Assessor & Development Advisor
Lou is one of our fab Assessors. Lou has been assessing across a range of apprenticeships for over 10 years and is passionate about delivering qualifications that allow people to achieve their aspirations and progress within their chosen careers. Lou believes that people are the core of every business and that supporting them to develop can make a huge difference to employers and the future of any company. Lou ensures teams have all the support they need to make a positive difference in their roles.
Assessor & Development Advisor
Becky is an Assessor & Development Advisor. Becky has over 10 years of experience across a range of apprenticeships and is passionate about students developing their knowledge, skills and behaviours to their full potential. She enjoys supporting her students and being part of the journey to progression as well as seeing her students grow and progressing up the career ladder. Outside of work, Becky enjoys a challenge, you can find her walking her dogs, running around after her young boys or get involved in building work & DIY. She also enjoys swimming, kayaking and motorcycling.
Assessor & Development Advisor
Karen is an Assessor & Development Advisor at Blue Sky, specialising in Management, Leadership Development, Coaching & Mentoring, and HR (with a core focus on OD and L&D). Karen has worked in Learning & Development for 18 years as a Consultant, Facilitator, and Head of Learning. More recently, Karen has spent over 2 years working for Harvard Business Publishing, developing and delivering leadership programmes for senior leaders around the world, using their wealth of academic research, and turning this into practical leadership tools to increase performance. Karen loves developing people, and sees her core purpose as helping people thrive in their working environment.
Business Administrator
Vanessa is our Northern Irish Business Administrator completing her Business Administrator L3 apprenticeship. Alongside Daisy, Vanessa's duties include supporting behind the scenes paperwork, replying to your enquiries, and helping apprentices and employers along the apprenticeship journey. Vanessa has 15 years customer service experience. Outside of work, Vanessa enjoys arts and crafts, especially cross stitch.
Business Administrator
Daisy is one of our delightful Business Administrators, working towards her Business Administrator L3 apprenticeship. Daisy has recently completed a business course at college, focusing on marketing, team management and customer service. Daisy ensures everything is running smoothly behind the scenes and actively posts on our social media pages. Daisy loves to play hockey, ride her horses, and enjoys going out with friends.
Business Administrator
Vikki brings an extensive 30 years’ of secretarial/ administrative experience to Blue Sky. She has a genuine passion for helping and developing people and has recently completed her HR L3 apprenticeship. Outside of work, Vikki enjoys amateur photography, abstract acrylic painting and going to the cinema/ theatre.
Assessor & Development Advisor / Lead Internal Quality Assurer
Danielle is our lovely Internal Quality Assurer. She ensures all elements of our apprentices work are in line with the correct standards before they are certified for their qualification. Danielle monitors the apprentice's journey to oversee the consistency, accuracy and fairness of assessment, teaching and learning. By attending visits on occasion, Danielle is able to feedback to our assessors to allow us continue to provide an exceptional service to our learners.
Assessor & Development Advisor
Tina is an Assessor & Development Advisor. Tina has many years of experience of delivering tailored coaching solutions and is amazingly passionate about helping people in all aspects of their professional and personal life. Outside of work, Tina enjoys cycling, walking the dog, gardening and spending time with family.
Assessor & Development Advisor
John is an Assessor & Development Advisor. John has over 15 years experience in supporting the development and success of high performing leaders and teams. John has lead an academic faculty, delivering leadership programmes up to masters level. As an executive coach, John presents choice and robust challenge, helping learners to unlock their true potential.
Assessor & Development Advisor
Richard is an Assessor & Development Advisor with a wealth of experience within the education sector in Britain and Internationally. Richard is passionate about developing lifelong learners and helping others to ‘be the best that they can be’. Richard is a qualified coach with extensive leadership experience but remains a teacher at heart, providing tuition for Maths and English Functional Skills.
Assessor & Development Advisor
Penny is one of our lovely assessors, supporting learners across a number of different disciplines including Marketing, Customer Service and Recruitment. With extensive experience of management in both the commercial and public sectors, Penny understands the value that every individual can bring to a business and strongly believes in developing and nurturing talent for the future.
Learning & Development
Emma is our subject matter expert for soft skills training. Emma has been in the field of Learning & Development and Coaching for over 15 years. Her absolute passion is people. She loves working with and talking about us weird and wonderful human beings, how we tick and how we can change our lives by simply changing our thinking. Specialising in anything relating to mind-set and behavioural change, Emma works with businesses to develop their people in ways that bring about real change and achieving aspirations. Her industry experience is diverse and ranges from telecoms, financial services, social housing, retirement living, consumer and B2B sales, contact centres and logistics. The common theme in all the businesses she works with is that PEOPLE are the key to success.